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Online Blackjack Switch Tips And Strategy

The game of blackjack switch involves the player making two equal bets on two hands that are dealt and then switching the second cards that are dealt between the two hands. In order to get over the clear player advantage by using the switch method, the house has adopted different rules, stating that the dealer 22 results in a push and payouts for player blackjacks pay out 1 to 1.

Although blackjack switch is played along the same lines a traditional blackjack, there are obviously different rules and therefore different strategies for players to take into account when they sit down around the table.

One unique difference is the Super Match side bet that is exclusive to blackjack switch. The player places the Super Match bet even before the cards are dealt and it has very little to do with the current game being played out. Essentially, there are specific payouts for combinations of cards dealt to the player. For example, if the player is dealt pair, the house will pay out 1:1 on this bet. Three of a kind pays out 3:1 and two pairs pay out 8:1. Although the likelihood is low that a player will be dealt four of a kind, the option still exists and a lucky player may win 40:1 on this side bet. Of course, it is totally up to the player (and his or her bankroll) whether to take this bet or not. Side bets don’t usually involve significant amounts of money and they offer a fair opportunity to make some extra cash in a game of blackjack switch.

As with all forms of blackjack, a player will greatly improve his or her game odds by learning the basic blackjack strategy and applying them to the game. It is essential to remember that the basic strategy differs from variant to variant and players should seek the correct strategy before playing for real money. Thankfully, there are strategy charts available for players to refer to, based on all the possible hand combinations and the right moves to make. Making use of these charts and even memorizing them will make a big difference to winning odds.