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Online Progressive Blackjack – Side Bets And More

Online progressive blackjack is for the most part played in the same way as regular online blackjack. You will see an option to pay into a progressive side bet, if you do not select this option you will play the game as usual; if you do select this option you will then be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot, or one of the other, lower, side bet prizes.

The winner of the progressive jackpot and the other side bet prizes is dependant on separate combinations which apply for winning the side bet only and have no effect on the main game. There is no skill in the progressive part of the game as there is no connection between winning it and the card selection you make.

However, the gambling tactics that you take with regard to the side bet will make a difference. The general opinion is that there are only two ways to win the progressive jackpot: get lucky, or constantly bet for long enough. Those that claim tricks and strategies that enable the manipulation of the progressive side pot system, are either lucky but don’t know it, or have no understanding of its mechanics.

The game itself, once the selection for a side bet to be made or not, works just the same as a regular blackjack game for the most part with the same added features that will always be available for you; such as, multi-hand, multi-player, and private room options. Whilst the rules in which online progressive blackjack varies from regular blackjack are few, there are a few and they may alter from site to site. The most common ones to check are; if cards are returned to the deck; if doubling after splitting is permitted; and if splitting of a split hand is allowed.

Finally, one of the most important things to note with regard to online progressive blackjack is the particular sites policy on disconnections. With any online progressive game you are playing with more money than a non progressive game and your constant involvement is vital. For this reason, if a site doesn’t have an immediate re-log option, and game-play memory, it is not a site to be used.