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Player Etiquette In Multi Player Progressive Blackjack

With the advent of the online casino industry, software companies come up each year with more exciting blackjack options so that you can enjoy your favorite game with a twist. One of the most popular versions of the game is progressive blackjack, whereby the player is allowed to make a side bet (usually around $1) that allows them to participate in additional payouts. Players who seek interaction with others during their online gaming sessions, choose to play multi player progressive blackjack.

This game is played based on the same rules as classic blackjack, along with the side set, and players are all ‘seated’ around a virtual blackjack table that can usually hold up to five players. A light usually indicates where the player is located around the table. Many players feel that since they are playing behind the façade of an alias out of their own living rooms, usually thousands of kilometers away from their fellow-players, they don’t need to stick to the same rules of etiquette than if they were around a real progressive blackjack table.

It is important to remember, however, to maintain the same level of courtesy. Players have the choice of chatting around the blackjack table with other players by simply opening the chat window and typing in their text. However, the chat window is there to communicate with others and certainly not to abuse. Some players may feel that they have to right to use foul language with the system, or discuss controversial topics that might offend other players. This is definitely a no-go and failure to comply with this rule may result in the player being asked to leave the blackjack game, or even the site.

Players also have a responsibility to ensure that others aren’t abusing the chat system and spoiling the game of progressive blackjack for others. If you feel that someone is not acting in line with the general etiquette rules prescribed above, you should always turn to the customer support desk at the site and request intervention. There is no reason that you need to put up with foul-mouthed bullies around the blackjack table.