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Strategy And Tips For Online Progressive Blackjack

Unlike many online casino games that rely on Lady Luck alone, the game of blackjack is highly dependent on the skill level of each player. While traditional blackjack has a house edge of around 6% (depending on the casino and the variant), these odds can be significantly reduced if the player applies what is known as the basic strategy.

If applied perfectly, the house edge can be brought down to as little as 0.5% – a huge difference!

Card counting was once considered a good strategy in blackjack however, with the advent of online gambling, this is no longer an option. As such, the best strategy to use in progressive blackjack is to learn the basic strategy that has been created for this game. This is the proper play of cards that should be made, taking into consideration your own cards and the dealer’s one exposed card during the game.

This basic strategy was created with the help of a computer simulator that played literally thousands of different options on each given hand and came up with the best move for you, the player, to make, based on statistics.

So how do you understand the basic progressive blackjack strategy? The strategy, more often than not, is printed on a chart or table for easy reference. It is important to look at the table’s key and try and understand the abbreviations used.

The first row of the table will usually be the dealer’s exposed card, while the first column will be your cards. The rest of the table tells you what to do in each particular situation, using the abbreviations H (hit) and S (stand). Other charts will also advise you whether to double down or split.

So, for example, if you are playing blackjack and the dealer’s upcard is an eight, and you’ve been dealt two cards that total 15, the basic strategy tells you that your best move will be to hit. Familiarizing yourself with the basic strategy charts and practicing what you have learned by downloading free progressive blackjack software, is the first step to bringing down those odds and winning more money during your real-money game sessions.