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When To Blackjack Switch

The game of blackjack has many followers, and for good reason, it’s a classic card game that is certain to entice and entertain anyone willing to give it a chance. But for those that have tasted what blackjack has to offer and still yearn for more there are plenty of variations to choose from.

One of these fine variations that are catching fire in the online gambling world is that of blackjack switch. This game is essentially two games in one and is for the blackjack enthusiast that isn’t afraid to play fast and furiously.

To play blackjack switch a player is dealt two hands of cards for four cards total. A player, at this point, has the opportunity to switch the top cards to change their hands. For example, if a player is a dealt a jack and a nine card in their first hand and a three card and an ace in their second hand the player can switch the ace to their jack to create the better hand. In this game there is no need for a player to settle for a lousy hand.

The game is played with the same rules as traditional blackjack with just double the amount of cards. Of course, double the cards also mean double the bets and the more money that a player can win with only one round of game play. By playing two hands at once a player will also have to bet two bets to cash in.

The player has to switch their top cards, if they choose to do so, after the two hands are dealt. The player still retains the ability to double down on either of the hands. In the event that the player wants to split, they may split either hand, or both hands. If they do split this could in effect give the player four hands of blackjack to play at one time! Anyone can see how this otherwise seemingly simple game can get complicated very quickly.

For the player looking to take a break from blackjack, or the new play who feels that blackjack might be a bit boring, blackjack switch might just be the right game to switch to.