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Casino Hold ‘Em – Some Quick Background

Following on the poker craze sweeping the gaming world casino hold’em poker is a variation on Texas hold’em poker that allows players to play against the house.

Based on Texas hold’em that is currently the most popular poker game in the world, casino hold’em follows the same basic style only players take on the dealer instead of each other. Players must form the best five-card hand from a total of two dealt cards and five community cards and hands are then compared to the dealer’s to determine the winners. A standard 52-deck pack is used with no jokers.

A round of casino hold’em starts with each player laying down an ante bet. Two hole cards are dealt face down to each player and the dealer. After players have examined their cards three community cards are dealt, known as ‘the flop’. Players must now decide if they want to ‘fold’ or ‘call’. Players that fold lose their ante bet whereas to call players must lay down an additional wager equal to twice the original ante.

Two more community cards are dealt together, these corresponding to the ‘turn’ and the ‘river’ that are dealt separately in Texas hold’em. The dealer then reveals his two cards and players then comes a showdown with players and dealer trying to form the best five-card hand with their hole cards and the community cards. Players with hands that beat the dealer’s hand are paid out with an additional bonus payout for a flush or higher.

The dealer must qualify his hand by holding a pair of fours or better. If the dealer fails to qualify the ante bet pays out according to an ante pay table and the call bet is pushed. Ante tables can vary slightly from casino to casino. If the dealer does qualify and beats the player then the player loses both the ante bet and the call bet. If the dealer qualifies but the player’s hand beats the dealer’s then the bet pays according to the ante bet table and the call bet pays 1 to 1. If the dealer qualifies but the player and dealer hands tie then both the ante bet and the call bet will push.