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Casino Hold ‘Em Tips And Strategies

Casino hold ‘em, or Texas hold ‘em as the game is more commonly called, is definitely the most popular form of poker played at casinos today. The game is played by literally millions of players around the world who are seeking a piece of the action brought by this game that is the official poker version of live events such as the World Series of Poker and others.

Many beginners see casino hold ‘em being played but don’t know how to go about taking that first step into the wonderful world of poker. These tips have shown to help novice players begin their journey:

1.Read, read and read some more. There is nothing more important than learning as much as possible about the game in theory, before trying it at the casinos. A good book, such as Bill Burton’s “Get the Edge at Low Limit Texas Hold ‘em” will do wonders as a basic ground book.

2.Learn the pot odds. As a new player, you may be overwhelmed with all the information that you need to memorize, especially pot odds. However, it is important for you to know the pot odds of some of the most common situations in a game of casino hold ‘em so that you can make educated decisions about your hand.

3.Know your opponents: As a game of skill, bluffing is an important element in casino hold ‘em. Through play and practice, you will eventually be able to pick out who is playing loose and who is playing tight. Try to remember these traits and you will soon be able to earmark all the opponents around a table.

4.Stick to the basics: Many new players are tempted to copy the way they have seen professional players play on live televised poker events with their fancy footwork and intricate bluffing methods. However, experts agree that new players should concentrate more on their game and less on the ‘fancy stuff’ initially.

5.Practice, practice, practice: There are no two ways about it – the more you practice, the better you’ll do at the game in the long run. Try to get in as much practice time as you can, without denting your bankroll. Try free internet software or freeroll tournaments at exciting poker sites.