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Rules And Background Of Casino Hold ‘Em

Texas hold ’em is probably the most popular poker game available although many other varieties of poker like Omaha poker are big favorites as well. The game of casino hold ’em is very similar to Texas hold’em and in fact takes its origins from this popular game.

Casino hold’em does have few variations and is played in many countries across the globe such as Holland, Ireland, Morocco, Latvia, Romania, Egypt, Russia, South Africa, and Ireland and so on. Many online casinos host casino hold ’em and gaming software packages such as Playtech software, Net Gaming and Real Time Gaming offer it.

The game is very much akin to Texas hold’em except that it allows a player to compete against the casino. First, the players are called to make an ante wager and thereafter both the payer and the dealer are given 2 cards each. As in the case of Texas hold’em three community cards are dealt face up on the table, which is called the flop.

At this point players have the option of either folding or calling. A fold will involve a forfeit of both cards and the ante wager. Calls have to be twice the value of the ante.

Two more community cards are then dealt making a total of five community card. At this point the dealer reveals his cards and the hands are scored by an overall value of the cards, namely the five community cards and the two individual cards held by each player.

For the dealer to qualify in casino hold ’em he must posses a pair fours or better, else the ante will get paid as per the ante pay table of the casino. However if the dealer qualifies and manages to beat the player, the player makes a loss of ante and call. If the player emerges as winner then the ante gets paid accordingly. However if a tie occurs then the ante and call get pushed.

There are few strategies to casino hold ’em and it is usually with experience and an understanding of the situation that you know which one to use at what time. Folding is not a favorable option however and should be avoided unless there is really no other alternative.