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Casino Stud Poker Background And Basics

Casino stud poker is a casino table game. Its rules are similar to five card stud poker. It is different from the normal poker. Here the player is playing against one person the dealer and not against the other players.

The play starts when every one of the players place their bet on the table where indicated. This should be completed before the dealer announces time out. Then everyone, the players and the dealer will get 5 cards, face down.

Now the dealer will turn over one of his cards. Then he will push the cards towards the players. The players will look at the cards and then to their own cards.

Players have the choice to either play or leave the game. If they decide to play they must place twice the amount of the previous bet in the bet box. If they decide to quit they lose their money. After every player announced his decision the dealer exhibits his hole cards. The dealer plays with king or higher. He then inspects the cards of the players and the best poker hand wins the game.

There are some fixed rules in this game. Though there may be variations from place to place the basics are same. A player can use only one hand. Communication between the players is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule results in the expulsion from the game. The players must check the cards with them. The table supervisor is the final decision making authority.

Casino stud poker always has an advantage for the house in the long run. The players must keep in mind that the game is played more for fun and not for money. Bluffing is not at all good in stud poker. If the money in the pot is not a considerable amount, it is better not to make a progressive wager. Practice gives perfection. Practicing the game increases the chance of winning. Another important point is that player must decide when to quit. When he has double the initial amount, it is better to stop right there. Otherwise the player may lose the money.