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Play Online Casino Stud Poker – FAQ

Q: Is casino stud poker a variant of poker?

A: No, despite the name, casino stud poker is not connected to the game of poker in any real way, except for the card rankings. In this game, you play against the dealer and the other players at the table have no impact on your game.

Q: How is casino stud poker played?

A: Players begin by placing their ante (bet) in the box on the table. The dealer deals five cards to all players, and himself, face down. The last card is turned face up for all to see. Players then pick up their cards and decide on their best course of action.

Q: What moves can a player make in casino stud poker?

A: The player can either ‘fold’ which will result in the loss of the ante. Or, he can ‘raise’ which means placing double the original ante amount in the raise box.

Q: What does the dealer do next?

A: Once all players have decided whether to fold or raise, the dealer reveals all his cards. If he doesn’t have an Ace and King (or better), he needs to pay out all ante bets with even money. He does not have to pay raise bets. However, if the dealer has an Ace and King (or better), he compares his hand to the players’ cards. If the dealer beats a hand, he claims the ante and raise bets. A same value hand will result in what is known as a stand off, with both bets left on the table. If the dealer loses, the ante is paid out in even money and the raise bet is paid out according to a certain structure.

Q: What is the pay structure on raise bets?

A: A straight flush gets paid out 50:1; four of a kind 20:1; full house 8:1; flush 6:1; straight 4:1; three of a kind 3:1; two pairs 2:1 and one pair or less – even money.

Q: Is there a play strategy for casino stud poker?

A: Experts agree that there are two main strategies for this game. One is to only raise should the player have a quality hand and the other is to raise with any hand in the hope that the dealer will not have a successful hand.