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When To Let Them Ride Poker

Let them ride poker is a poker game that bears small resemblance to other poker games, but has an attitude all its own. The main similarity between this game and that of others in the poker family is that it uses a standard fifty two card poker deck and standard poker hand rankings. After that the game is more than a bit different from other poker games that players are able to find online.

One key factor in making this game different from the other poker variations is that the player isn’t really playing against the dealer. And in most poker games the player is playing directly against other players, again this isn’t the case in this game. What this means is that the game is a great game that can be enjoyed with very little pressure by people that might not be looking for the head to head competition that is to be found elsewhere.

The game gets its name by the betting system involved. Before the hand starts the player makes three bets. The bets are equal to each other and during the course of the game the player has the opportunity to remove those bets. Of course, the player doesn’t have to remove the bets and can choose to instead, let them ride. This is truly when the game is most exciting.

If that isn’t enough excitement the game comes equipped with a side bet that might prove interesting if the initial bets don’t. It depends on what casino a player is playing at, but a usual side bet to be found in this game is a one dollar bet on certain card combinations that come up during game play. The combinations and payoffs are determined by the casino so it’s beneficial for the player to check the house rules prior to playing.

This game is an excellent alternative to the run of the mill poker variations out there but is easy enough to learn that anyone that has played any version of poker before can immediately find themselves playing let them ride poker in a matter of minutes.