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Online Casino War Tips And Strategy

Casino war is a game based purely on luck. You and the dealer are each dealt a card and the winner is the party who has the highest card value. The rules of casino war are extremely simple and it is for this reason that the game is so popular among players. Many players believe that nothing can be done to alter the outcome of luck-based games, and while this may be true to a certain point, the fact is that you can do a lot to control your losses by adopting certain strategies when playing casino war.

Casino war strategy #1: Never Surrender! When you and the dealer reach a tie, you are given two options – to go to war or to surrender (and lose half your bet). The only way you will stand a chance of winning money in a tie is by choosing to go to war. Take a raise bet and hope for the best – this is the best strategy you can take when you tie with the dealer and after all, this is casino war we’re talking about!

Casino war strategy #2: Have fun! Remember that, like all gambling pastimes, casino war is a form of entertainment and should be considered as such at all times. If you take the game too seriously, you will become stressed and will be more likely to make bad decisions, no matter how simple the game is. By going into casino war with a sound money management system and knowing exactly how much you have to spend, you will eliminate a major stress factor and will be able to focus on enjoying the game. It is a given fact that a relaxed player is more successful. Period.

Casino war strategy #3: Avoid the Tie Bet. Yes, this bet has 10 to one payout odds. Yes, it is the highest in the entire game. But remember, too, that you have a very low chance of winning a tie bet. Statistics put your chances at about one in every 13 rounds of casino war. As such, unless you are a high roller with money to throw around (lucky you!), avoid tie bets and save your money for more moderate betting options.