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Strategy To Win The Casino War

The game of casino war is one of the easiest and most enjoyable casino games that can be had. Every child that has ever seen a deck of cards has probably played the game of war whether realizing it or not. The object of the child’s game of war is the dealer deals a single card to the player. The dealer then deals a single card to themselves. Whichever person holds the highest number card wins the game. This is as easy as it gets.

The casino game of war is played in the exact same fashion and makes for some fast and furious gaming action. In this version, however, there is money at stake and there is a lot riding on each and every card that is flipped.

The main drawback, if one has to nitpick at such things, is that there is very little strategy that can be employed on a game like this. There isn’t the pouring over each move before the next thoughtfully thought out action is made. Those players predisposed to games involving long periods of thought followed by punctuated bursts of action are not best suited for this game. The only real strategy that might conceivably be used in war is that of counting the cards in one’s favor. That is unethical in many circles and virtually impossible in an online casino anyway.

Casinos generally use six decks of cards and the ranks of the cards are assigned the same as standard poker hand rankings. The player wins even money for every single card that they win. In the event that the dealer and the player get the same card, a tie, the game gets interesting and the two go to war. In some casinos players have the opportunity to surrender and therefore not go to war, but have to forfeit half of their original bet. If the player goes to war a series of cards are then placed to decide who, the player or the dealer, has the highest card.

While casino war is deceptively simple it is full of excitement and quick money to be made.