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Dispelling Some Of Those Classic Slots Myths

Does it come as any surprise that a game such as classic slots, which is so dependent on the luck factor, has so many myths surrounding it? So often, we hear by so-called professionals that if we had played this way or that way, we might have been luckier at our classic slots session. So, we are here to dispel just some of the many (many!) myths, half-truths and untruths that have developed around one of the gambling industry’s most popular games.

Myth One: If I watch a slot machine constantly and conscientiously, I will be able to eventually understand its set pattern.
Truth: Don’t waste your time! No matter how long you spend watching a slot machine, you will never be able to ‘understand’ its pattern. This is because there is no pattern! Classic slot machines these days work off a random number generator that ensures there is no pattern to the machine. Millions of number combinations are generated every minute, thus ensuring that the ultimate outcome on the reels is truly random.

Myth Two: If I stick to this machine for another 10 days, I will ultimately hit the jackpot.
Truth: Sorry, you’ll be wasting your time yet again. The chances of you hitting the jackpot are the same as your first spin on your first day of playing, than they are on your 10th day on your 10,000th spin. Again, the random number generator is what determines when the jackpot will be hit. However, by all means, spend as much time as you want at the classic slots machines – if anything, you’ll have a great time!

Myth Three: I’m going to avoid X Casino because I heard that it controls when the jackpots are hit.
Truth: A casino cannot control when jackpots are hit because of the random number generators that are set into each and every slots machine. It is only the RNG that determines when the jackpot is hit or not, and the casino has no hand in the matter. You’d be foolish to avoid your favorite casino because of a silly rumor.