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Huge Progressive Jackpots With Online Progressive Slots

When it comes to gambling, progressive slots are the stuff that dreams are made of. These slot machines have incredible payouts for those who are lucky enough to hit the jackpot. Every gambler dreams of that one lucky life-changing event that sets them on the good life forever and progressive slots are quite capable of doing just that in return for a single coin. These are the highest paying slot machines and some jackpots can run into millions of dollars.

While most slot machines have a fixed payout table, progressive slots work on a different principle. For each coin that is fed into the machine a percentage goes towards the jackpot and the longer the machine is played without a jackpot hit the bigger the final payout will be when the reels line up for that magic winning combination.

These machines also payout for other winning lines just like regular slots but the jackpot is accumulated as the gamblers play the machine. Usually the current jackpot is displayed on a counter on the machine.

There are different types of progressive slots depending on how the jackpots are accumulated. The three most common ones are Stand Alone, In-House, and Wide-Area progressive slots.

Stand Alone progressive slots are independent of any other machines and the jackpot is drawn from coins fed to that machine only. These jackpots will be higher than most regular slots but not as high as linked progressive slots.

In- House progressive slots are machines linked together on a network within the same casino or even several casinos operated by the same chain. All the machines on the same network accumulate a combined jackpot that can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Finally, the Wide-Area progressive slots are the big payout machines. These are machines networked over an entire region between different casinos. These networks can include thousands of slot machines and the combined jackpots can be over $10 million. However, because of the difficulties of setting up such a network and the administrative costs the chances of actually hitting the jackpot are quite small.

Generally the payout percentages for progressive slots are lower than regular slot machines and therefore less lucrative to play. Still, jackpots are made and dreams really can come true.