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Online Casino Multi Spin And Classic Slots

Slots are probably the most popular games in the gambling industry. A multi-billion dollar industry has sprung up around this game and software companies spend millions in hours and money, creating games that they hope will grab their customers’ attention. While in past years slots fans were content with the standard three reel, one payline slot machine, today’s computer savvy players are after something a little more exciting.

True, many players are still content to stick with the classic slots machines, without the need to make any major decision besides how much money to insert, however, it has been found that many slots fans are looking for a little more action to the game. Enter: Multi spin slots.

Multi spin slots are the classic combination between pure slots fun and the excitement factor that is found in games of skill at online casinos. While the outcome of the spins are still generally determined by the random number generator (RNG), the player still has a chance to change that outcome, thanks to super features found on multi spin slots. The average multi spin slot machine comes with a ‘hold’ feature that forces the player to take a good look at the payout board, as well as the current situation of the reels, in order to make a decision about which reel to hold.

Holding the wrong reel may cause the player to lose the game or, in the best-case scenario, win less than what could have been won if he or she had studied the payout chart and determined the highest chances of getting a winning combination.

Other popular features found on multi spin slots are the ‘wild’ functions and jackpots. Another important decision that players may need to make involves the amount of money to bet, in order to stand in line to win the jackpot. This too, therefore, affects the way in which a player goes about the game and is not simply a case of sticking in the coin, pulling the lever and hoping for the best. When all is said and done, it is clear that multi spin slots are truly one step ahead when it comes to challenging slots action.