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Online Casino Multi Spin Slots Strategy

Playing multi spin slots is the equivalent of playing a number of single slot machines at the same time, the same way as some people will play a number of bingo sheets at the same time – it’s getting more done in the time available to you.

Because the number of games being played, and therefore the amount of money being staked are multiplied when playing multi spin slots it is absolutely vital that you follow some simple guidelines when it comes to strategy and money management.

There is no mathematical strategy to help you will slots, however a sensible approach can help you to make your money last for longer. For starters you should set in your head a limit for the percentage of your winnings you want to walk away with, and this limit should be set in stone. For many people, 100 times the stake per game, or 25 % of the bankroll is considered a good limit.

This means, that when you win, you can only put back into the machine from your winning money up to the limit you have set yourself. The danger with all games is that when on a losing streak most people have a ‘next time’ mentality – enforcing yourself a limit means that you will be in no danger of loosing all your winnings.

Secondly, only take into the casino what you are prepared to loose. This is essential to healthy and fun multi spin slots play. You will almost certainly end up with wins, but just be sure that you’re not gambling with your rent!

Always be sure of the game that you are playing. Most land based casinos and all online casinos will offer you a free practice play before you play with real money – take advantage of this offer! In a land based casino you should also watch other players on the machine before you engage yourself.

Don’t forget to have fun – multi spin slots can be quite stressful if you allow them to be, because of so much happening at the same time, however, it is fun, and if played with the right attitude will entertain you endlessly.

If you follow these very simple steps you will become a multi spin slots dab hand, in no time.