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Online Casino Progressive Slots – Big Jackpots

Progressive slots work in much the same way as regular slots do except with one added feature that makes them more attractive. With every coin played, a displayed figure will increase incrementally– this figure represented the amount of the jackpot should it be hit. This varies from regular slots and other games in which the jackpot is a set amount because in this case, the more the game is played, the more the jackpot is worth.

The figure varies greatly depending on the machine itself, the denominations of coins it accepts, and how long it has been since the last payout. A progressive jackpot could be building up for days or years and the amount will reflect this, so the jackpot itself could be anything from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The explanation for the popularity of the progressive slots is very simple – you can get very rich very quickly. With a progressive slot it is possible to win a genuine fortune for a 25c or $1 investment. One may ask about the mechanics of such a win; for example, a $50, 000 win at a 25c machine would technically require 200,000 coins to come pouring out of the machine; this does not happen.

In the situation of a progressive slot jackpot win, the machine itself will have some kind of built in alert system; a bell or a light that flashes. One or both of these alarms will go off which will alert a casino manager that a jackpot has been hit. In this case, the manager will approach the machine to verify the result and the player will be given cash, or most likely a check to the amount won. The machine itself will have been emptied when necessary at regular intervals, so the money for the jackpot will already be in the casino’s coffers.

There are two vital points to remember should you win a progressive slots jackpot. Firstly, never ever pull the arm or press the start button again – this starts a fresh cycle and your jackpot will be lost. Simply wait for the casino personnel to come to you, settle your jackpot win, and only then continue play. Secondly, do not under any circumstances walk away from the machine. If you leave your jackpot winning machine before your win has been recorded by official personnel you will have no claim to your win.