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Online Multi Spin Slots – A Casino Experience

Slot machines have always been popular but now fans of this gambling genre can multiply the fun by playing multi spin slots.

The idea of multi spin slots is to play on several reels at the same time. With the introduction of computer technology into the world of slot machines mechanical reels have been replaced by video screens. The modern format enables more than one set of reels to be displayed on the screen at a time and so multi spins slots were born and look set to change slot machines for good.

Although the basic method of play is the same, multi spin slots have additional features that add a level of complexity to playing slot machines. Most multi spin slots offer a ‘hold’ function that enables players to hold some reels while spinning others. This increases the player’s ability to affect the final result of each turn and adds to the fun of playing the machines. Although the hold function doesn’t necessarily increase the chances of hitting the jackpot it does give greater involvement in the game and is therefore popular with slot machine players.

This feature also makes multi spin slots different to multi payline slots. Although both spin several reels there is much greater variety with multi spin slots that usually offer a ‘wild’ function too. Payouts on these machines can also vary from those offering big payouts with low odds to those that frequently payout small wins. This matches the different tastes of slot machine players; Some enjoy the attraction of trying for a high jackpot whereas others enjoy the thrill of win, even if it is minor.

Other features that these machines can offer are variable paylines depending on bets played and which reels the player chooses to hold. Although at first this makes playing multi spin slots much more complicated than classic slot machines once players familiarize themselves with how the game works they find this new version of an old idea to be very entertaining.

The display screens also allow for a wide variety of designs that break the monotony of some older mechanical slot machines. Since their introduction multi spin slots have gained a wide following and are now well established in the gambling community alongside their predecessors.