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Classic Video Poker – A Classic With Big Bonuses

For those who prefer a more private atmosphere classic video poker is a great way of playing poker at your own pace.

Video poker offers players the gambling fun of poker without the hassle dealers and players. It’s just you and the machine and classic video poker machines offer well-known favorites to suit every player’s taste.

The different kinds of video poker machines give different payouts on different hands and this is important because it affects the payout percentages. Payout percentages are the percentage of cash paid out compared to amount put in. Before you start playing it is worth comparing percentages and always go for the highest you can find. With classic video poker machines you should look for those that give at least a 98% percentage payout.

After selecting a machine to pay take some time to review the payout tables. A big difference between video poker and slot machines is that to some extent you can choose which winning hand you are trying to get. If the payout is high enough it is sometimes worth passing up a more certain lower hand in a gamble for a higher hand.

There are many different variations to be found some games have become classic video poker favorites due to their payout percentages.

Jacks or Better machines offer a payout of 98% to 100% and you can expect to hold even on your wins against losses without the wild swings common to other machines.

There are different variations of Jacks or Better machines but the Easy Money machines usually give the best winning odds. Avoid the Jack’s Back machines, in the long run these give worse odds.

Among the best odds of all in among the classic video poker machines are the Joker Poker machines. These are popular because they can sometimes offer as high as a 102% payout percentage. However, take note that the minimum hand required to win on these machines is also higher and often requires at least a pair of kings or two pairs. Take note of this when planning your game strategy.

Another classic video poker machine is Deuces Wild and the key to playing this machine is that your twos are valuable cards that should be held and not discarded. These machines can give a 102% return but the wins and losses can by quite a roller-coaster ride.