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Multiply Your Winnings – Online Video Poker

Multi line video poker is played along the same lines as classic video poker, except that players have a better chance of winning! We’ve put together several important tips that you should take into account before playing video poker. Remember that these tips can also apply to classic video poker.

1.Think Progressive! If you choose to play on a progressive jackpot multi line video poker machine, remember to play the maximum coins because, if you don’t, you cannot stand in line to win the jackpot if you hit a royal flush.

2.As a new player, you may want to stick to video poker machines that accept low denomination coins so that you extend your playing time at the online casino and don’t blow your bankroll in one go. You should follow this strategy at least until you build up your confidence and learn all the rules of the particular version of video poker that you are playing.

3.Take it slow! There is nobody breathing down your neck if you play multi line video poker online. You should consider each hand before playing it so that you are sure that you are making the right decision.

4.Don’t take the Jacks for granted! Many novice players tend to think that they should keep an Ace under all circumstances and brush aside the importance of the Jacks. Remember that in most versions of video poker, you have more chance of making a winning combination with a Jack than with an Ace.

5.Don’t get carried away! Video poker experts suggest that players should study the rules and practice one or two variants of the game and ignore the rest, especially if they are new to the game. True, with so many great versions around, you can be forgiven for wanting to try them all!

6.Practice online. Nothing beats the opportunity given to you by online casinos to try multi line video poker for free by downloading their software. This allows you to practice for unlimited time, hone your skills and build up your confidence so that you will enter the exciting world of real-money play completely ready for action!