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Online Casino Multi Line Video Poker Strategy

Multiline video poker, just like regular video poker, or multiline slot machines, can be an absolute money guzzler. In the event of a 5 coin 4 line machines, for instance, each play will cost you 20 coins; even on a nickel of 25c machine, this will eat through your payroll in no time. There are however various ways in which you make your payroll last longer on a multiline video poker.

The first and very important matter to be aware of is the choice that you have in the number of coins-per-line you play with. Many machines will appear to give an option of either a very small amount or a very high amount as the coins-per-line button will often jump straight from a couple of coins to the maximum number allowed. This does not however mean that you are limited to these options: Look for a touch screen option that will provide you with a full array of choices. Pick the amount you actually want to play with, and never more.

The best way to chose how much you wish to play on each line is to do a little math before you start playing. You should take into account the size of your payroll and the amount of time you wish to be playing for. It may be worthwhile to divide your payroll by the number of lines and then the number of coins you wish to play – this will bring you to a result of the number of plays you will have before any winnings.

Winnings, are another area in which it is advised to make a discussion before starting on the multiline video poker machine. For some people, they don’t expect to bring anything home with them and it’s all in the joy of playing, for others however, leaving with a few winnings is what it’s all about. If you fall into this latter group you should determine beforehand what percentage of any winnings you are prepared to play back into the machine.

Finally, it is important to know that despite what people say, you are no more likely to win if you are playing a full pay load or a half pay load, this is one of the most common myths in the video poker world.