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Online Casino Multiline Video Poker

Multiline video poker has similar rules to single-line video poker. The biggest difference between the two is that it is a video poker variation that allows players to play multiple hands at one time.

This increases your odds of winning in any one hand. On these multiline machines, you can typically bet anywhere from 5 cents per hand up to $100 per hand so the chances of winning big are fairly good, but you can also lose a lot of money at one time. Payout schedules vary between machines and it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with your machine’s payout schedule before you begin to play.

One of the most exciting options in multiline video poker is the option for each winning hand to be doubled. Any hand that wins will present the player with the double option. Players are able to select to double their hand, if they win, up to four consecutive times.

If you choose the double option, you will be dealt another four cards facing down and one card facing up (for a total of five cards). You will then need to choose one card out of the four remaining face-down cards.

If the face-down card that you choose from the selection of four cards, is of a higher value than the face-up card that you were dealt, you will have won double your initial wager.

If the face-down card that you choose if of the same value as the face-up card that you were dealt, your initial wager will be returned to you – that is, you have neither won nor lost. This scenario is called a push.
If the face-down card that you choose is of a lower value than the face-up card that you were dealt, you will lose all of your initial wager.

If you win this hand, you can repeat the above process up to four times in a row before continuing with regular play. This option allows players to increase their winnings many fold. It makes the game more fun and exciting and thus multiline video poker is a popular variation of the video poker games.