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Play Online Casino Multi Line Video Poker

With multiline video poker you get to choose your best potential hand and then play several times over.

Many gamblers enjoy the peace and solitude of playing video poker machines. These machines deal out a five-card hand and give players one chance to discard some of their cards and then drew new ones in the hope of making a better hand. With just the machine to contend with gamblers could avoid dealing with other players, dealers, or waiting for turns. In the past players could only play one hand at a time but now casinos are offering the latest in poker play, the multiline video poker machine.

Rather than playing just one hand you play several with some machines offering up to 50 hands to be played at once, giving you more hands to win with.

Playing multiple hands simultaneously is not as complicated as it may sound and easy to pick up. The method of play on multiline video poker is very similar to traditional video poker. You are dealt five cards on the screen and then choose which cards to keep, and which to redraw. However, with multiline video poker once you select which cards to keep those cards are also duplicated to all of your other hands. When you hit the draw button additional cards are dealt to each of your hands to make up the standard five-card hand and each winning hand pays out.

For example, on a 4-line game you would be dealt one initial hand. Suppose two of your cards are a winning combination of a pair of kings. By holding these two cards they will now appear in each of you other three hands as well. When you hit ‘deal’ you are re-dealt another three cards for each of your four hands giving you multiple chances to win.
Many machines also offer functions such as placing a further bet to double up your winnings or just doubling up on half.

With the opportunity to take advantage of a lucky hand multiple times it is easy to see why multiline video poker is quickly becoming a popular attraction in casinos.