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Tips On How To Play Classic Video Poker

As a game that combines the luck of slots with the challenge of poker, it is not difficult to understand the appeal of classic video poker. This game is relatively new to the industry in the grand scheme of things but it has certainly made a huge impact on the gambling world and is especially popular in the online gambling industry.

Based on the game of draw poker, classic video poker is nevertheless different because the player is not up against others – it is simply you against the house. One reason for this game’s popularity is that it is reasonably simple to play.

Essentially, the video poker machine deals the player five cards. After looking at these cards, the player decides which cards to hold on to and which cards to discard, with the option of keeping or discarding up to the entire hand of five cards. In online video poker, you express your intention to maintain one or more cards by pressing the Hold button that corresponds to the card. The video poker machine then deals the number of cards that were discharged.

For example, if you decide to keep 2 out of your five cards, the machine will deal you another 3 cards. Thereafter the classic video poker machine determines how much you win (if anything), based on the paytable that is attached to every game.

One of the main advantages of video poker is that you can make your decisions about which cards to keep or discard based on your prior knowledge of the paytable. So, for example, if you know that the particular version of video poker pays well on pairs, you will do all you can to keep your pairs and make another pair with the cards that you were dealt. Each and every variant of video poker has its own strategy that will help you in making your decision about which cards to keep.

Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the basic strategy of the games that you play and, while you cannot be expected to remember the strategy off pat, you should make use of strategy cards to help you make the right decision.