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Variations And History Of Classic Video Poker

Classic video poker is a game that combines elements of a traditional poker game together with modern technology to create an exciting form of entertainment.

Origins of Classic Video Poker

The ancestors of the classic video poker games were the poker card machines. This early form of entertainment was first manufactured in the late nineteenth century. These first poker card machines featured 5 rolling drums that showed different playing cards. At the insertion of a coin, the drums would begin to spin and the player would hope for a resulting winning poker hand. In this way, the seeds for the future game of classic video poker were sewn.

Draw Poker

A major transformation in the life of the early video poker machine was the introduction of a draw feature. This enabled the player to place a hold on certain drums, while allowing the other drums to spin again. In this way the player was able to have more of an effect on the game. It is interesting to note that these early draw poker machines rather resembled a television set.

The creation of the computer chip in the 1970s brought about a further change for video poker producing an electronic version of the game. The computer chip and the personal computer were soon to bring about the opportunity for gambling from home.

In the 1980’s video poker games became increasingly popular and seemed to change the face of the casino. Following shortly on the heels of video poker, soon arrived versions of video slot games.

Online Classic Video Poker

Today, thanks to the introduction of the best online casinos to the Internet in the mid 1990s classic video poker is available as an attractive form of online amusement. It is certain that the online versions of video poker have developed quite a long way from the early poker card machines.

Nowadays, hundreds of different types of video poker are available online. Following the success of classic video poker at the best online casinos, it appears that this exciting form of entertainment is here to stay for a long time.