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Video Poker Online Multiline And Classic

Video poker as we know it has been around for quite a few decades. Video poker rose to prominence in the late 70s with the introduction of commercially-based computer systems. Although the graphics and gaming experienced has improved dramatically over the decades, there has been little change in the way the basics of the game function. Video slots are, in essence, a combination of basic poker and slots.

The problem is that things are moving much faster in the online gambling world than they have ever done before. Those who prefer online gambling to land based gambling are also those who are in touch with technological advancements. With this in mine, these same players expect the changes to be quick and for the better.

Changes were needed to video poker to keep the interest in the game alive. This is not to say that classic video poker is going anywhere. In fact, interest in the game has never been at a higher point. When making changes or developing offshoots to a game such has such a rich history, it is important not to change too much. Multiline poker does just this. It uses the basics of video poker while at the same time adding more excitement to the game. No classic video poker player should feel isolated at the introduction of this game.

Multiline video poker was introduced as one of the methods to add a new dimension to classic video poker.

In short, multiline video poker is a combination of pure five card poker and multiline slots. This game is for the more hardcore gambler or the gambler looking for a game with much faster play. Players are able to play several video poker lines at once. It is almost like playing a whole table of poker against the dealer. Aside from the game being faster, the payouts are also much higher. This is because players have more opportunities to maximum bet and to double up on hands which are potential winners.

There will always be a place for classic video poker. Multiline video poker is just an added dimension to an already-popular game.