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Craps Online – The Virtual Casino

The game of craps may be best known as a rowdy casino activity, but it should be noted that this game is becoming an increasingly popular pursuit at the best online casinos.

It is rather difficult to place the exact roots of the game of craps however it is generally believed that this game has been around for a very long time. Craps is a dice game and it should be pointed out that traces or evidence of dice have been discovered from ancient times. Die that resemble the appearance of today’s modern cube, have been discovered in Egypt and were dated at 600 B.C.

As for the game of craps itself, many believe that it was created during the period of the Holy Roman Empire. Although it is hard to declare the precise origins of the game, there are tales of Roman soldiers who formed cubes out of pig knucklebones and found a way to pass the time by rolling these cubes, or dice, into their shields.

There are other people that believe that the craps game developed from the dice game ‘hazard’ that was a popular pastime in England during the 12th century. It is possible that the name of the game was then changed by the French to crabs. In this case it would seem then likely that ‘crabs’ may have been transformed into ‘craps’ when the game appeared in the United States.

In the early 19th century a dice maker, John H. Winn, further developed the craps game. In short, he transformed this activity and created the rules to the game which is known today as the modern version of craps.

During the early 1990s there appeared to be less general interest in the craps game due to a great fascination with slot machines. However, the introduction of the best online casinos in the mid 1990s seems to have inspired a new lease of life to the game of craps. In a transformation from ancient dice games, the craps game has now become quite a popular attraction in its modernized and easily accessible online form.