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“Touted as the first serious Sports book on Facebook, 2BET2 opened for business today”

GIBRALTAR– Jan 3 2012 –Facebook App Provider Socialitize launches 2BET2 today on the Facebook platform.

2BET2 Social Betting

2BET2 Social Betting

A new social betting application for Facebook users – 2BET2 – was unveiled today. Combining deep social integration with current real-life sporting events, 2BET2 provides players with a new and unique gaming experience.

Players are able to bet on sports events across the world, betting against the house or against one another.  Players bet using virtual currency (BB$) which are issued free of charge when they start playing the game and are topped up with daily and other bonuses.  BB$ are issued for fun only and are not redeemable.

Players strive to earn XP (experience points) which enable them to work their way through levels which in turn unlock new leagues.   The leagues allow players to play with higher stakes and compete at a higher level with their peers.

Betting odds are derived in the same way as a Vegas sports book would calculate them, and are true to the real-life form of the sports events.  They are updated continuously, the volatility providing an added element to the game.  All major sports are covered including Football (League and College), Basketball (Association and College), Hockey, Baseball, 25 different European Football leagues, Rugby Union/League, Cricket, Tennis and Golf.

2BET2 includes a real-time Feed which continuously updates whilst in the game, allowing players to see what their friends are betting on, comment/taunt/respect those bets and then further comment or post their winnings or losses.

“Users love the social hooks within the game” said CEO Adriaan Brink. “By showing players their friends’ bets and allowing them to taunt or respect these bets we achieve a level of social interaction far higher than one sees in many other Facebook games.  This – together with the Challenge-a-Friend functionality really brings home the difference between 2BET2 and other betting games”.

Brink is no stranger to online gambling, having pioneered Internet lotteries with the Liechtenstein lottery in 1995 and been involved in various aspects of online gambling ever since.  So what drives this departure into the more fuzzy world of virtual money games? “I saw an opportunity to provide a betting experience to the millions of sporting fans in jurisdictions where conventional sports betting is illegal or unavailable” said Brink.  “We have tried to remain true to the style and form of more normal sports books while at the same time adding these great social hooks. While we may not achieve the level of monetisation as the large bookmakers, we are well positioned to achieve far greater levels of player participation”