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Keno Online For Real Money -Systems And Jackpots

Keno is a game, similar to bingo, that is very easy to play and very hard to find. It is carried in only a select number of online gambling establishments but enjoys an almost cult like following by its followers. The reasons are many and the story of this game is just as interesting as the game itself.

The game is said to have originated in China and, depending on the historian, can trace its heritage back to around 200 BCE to fund the Chinese armies and the building of The Great Wall of China. The substance of the game has changed little during the time since its beginning and has even been simplified over the years. The original Chinese game that it was derived from contained almost twice as many characters as the game uses today. A number of the lottery and bingo type games have flourished over the years and keno is no exception.

Found in gambling establishments all over the world it is used as a type of side game in many of the premier casinos of Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City. In fact, in Las Vegas and Reno casinos a player can play the game while they sit and eat. The game screens are located all over the dining establishments and “runners” come by to collect the cards and take them for payouts. This is the one of the most convenient and relaxing games imaginable with players able to bet as little or as much as they want.

The game play itself is as simple as choosing a series of numbers and then hoping that the numbers picked pop up. The payouts can be very good for just a short amount of time and can make even the dullest moments a little more interesting.

Because of this ease of playing the game lends itself quite easily to the online world and has made the transition easily. However, it hasn’t caught on as widespread as poker and blackjack have. That is changing and as more people come to realize what can be had playing keno, both for the fun and the money, more and more games will continue to pop up online.