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Winning Online Keno Tips and Strategy

Despite its relatively high house edge, the game of keno continues to attract millions of players from around the world who enjoy this game at offline and online casinos. While keno is definitely classified as a game of luck, based on chance alone, there are certain things that players can do to contain their losses and win at keno. We outline several of them:

1.Have a sound money management system: Understand that keno a) has a high house edge and b) is a game of chance. With that in mind, set aside money from your bankroll for your keno gaming session, bearing in mind that you could lose that money. The money set aside should obviously be enough for more than one round of keno, so don’t go for the big money tickets if you don’t have a large enough bankroll to start with. Play the game and if and when your money runs out, move on. Never, ever chase losses – whether playing keno or any other gambling pastime.

2.Pick your numbers well: Obviously, as keno is a game based on chance, there is no such thing as good numbers or bad numbers. Some players pick different numbers during each and every keno game, while others go by the strategy of sticking to the same numbers such as family members birthday dates, over and over again in the hope that their lucky combination will eventually come up. Whatever makes you feel good is the right strategy in keno!

3.Make sure to claim your winnings: This tip applies to land-based keno. Most casinos give players a term time period in which to claim their winnings after the numbers have been pulled. If you don’t claim within that time, you could lose your winnings. Don’t get carried away with another game until you make sure that there are no winnings due to you.

4.Have fun! Yes, this is a cliché, but enjoying yourself during your keno session is important enough to mention as a tip. If you are stressed or miserable, you might be prone to make rash decisions regarding your bankroll. Approach the game in a realistic, positive manner and appreciate the fun there is to be had playing keno!