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How To Play Online Solo Mahjong

Mahjong is a 2000-year-old Chinese game that is traditionally played among a few players. However, since the game has made a successful transition to the world of online gambling, it has needed to go through several adaptations. Solo mahjong, therefore, is based on the same rules as traditional mahjong, only a single player plays it against the casino.

In solo mahjong, the player begins the game with a hand that is one tile away from a win (ie. a ready hand) and they need to find the correct tile in the wall in order to complete their hand. The ‘wall’ in online solo mahjong consists of 24 tiles that are placed face down. Players click on the tile they wish to try and they have three chances in each round in order to find the correct tile. If the player picks a tile that doesn’t complete his or her hand, the game will show ‘no hand’ and the system discards the tile automatically. As mentioned, three incorrect choices end the round.

Obviously, solo mahjong differs from the traditional version in a number of ways. The most obvious is in the case of using discarded tiles to make another hand, as is acceptable in the original version. In solo mahjong, however, discarded tiles have no use in the game and do not participate in making additional hands.

If the player is lucky enough to pick the correct tile out of the three given rounds, the system will automatically open the ‘win’ screen and the player will see all the sets in the winning hand, as well as how much each set is worth in points. Needless to say that the more points the player manages to accumulate during a game of solo mahjong, the higher the payout amount will be.

Today it is quite possible to find solo mahjong at a wide number of online casinos. The game has been gaining momentum among gamblers, not only restricted to Asian players as in the past. Solo mahjong has made the game more accessible to the average player and increased its popularity tenfold.