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Play Live Online Casino Progressive Baccarat

There are not many games at online casinos that boast such a low house edge as baccarat. In fact, this is one of hugest draw cards of the game, especially when played with lucrative bonuses and other great promotions so readily offered by internet gambling sites. And so it is easy to understand why so many people are drawn to baccarat with a twist that is gaining so much popularity at these casinos: Progressive baccarat.

What, exactly, is progressive baccarat? This is a form of the traditional game of baccarat with an added incentive in the form of a jackpot. Players take out a side bet for a set sum and therefore put themselves in line to win a very generous jackpot. The total of this jackpot varies from casino to casino and game to game, and so it is important for players to check out all the information beforehand before putting their money on a game of progressive baccarat.

In progressive jackpot, the rules of traditional baccarat remain the same. All the bets remain the same (except for the jackpot bet) and the odds do not change. As a result, progressive baccarat is a popular choice for players because they don’t need to learn a new game and all they need to do is decide whether to place a bet on the jackpot win or not.

Essentially, the progressive baccarat jackpot win is based on the number of nines that that are contained in the initial deal of every coup. So, for example, if the first four cards dealt are all suited nines, then the lucky players who have placed jackpot side bets take home their portion of the entire jackpot. This amount can add up to quite a lot and is extremely appealing to players looking to earn a significant amount without risking too much of their bankroll.

The beauty of progressive baccarat is that it can be played in conjunction with all variants of traditional baccarat. So, for example, if a player enjoys baccarat games with a twist such as ‘squeeze-games’, etc, they can still enjoy the added advantage of a progressive jackpot.