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Casino Poker Three – A Brief History

Poker, in some form, has been around since 900AD. It is said to have been played by the Emperor of China and his wife with a series of domino-like tiles. The game relied on bluffing to outwit the other players. Poker three, or three card poker as it is more commonly known, is another poker adaptation game. Poker three’s roots lie in the American version of the British game of Brag.

Originating over 300 years ago under the name “Primero”, the game has evolved into the fast paced game we know it to be. There are many poker players today who refuse to play any adaptation of the game, but these players are fast being silenced by the new players who are embracing all the new advancements. There will always be a place for poker. This is not even a question worth debating.

However, as more online gamblers sign up for memberships at online casinos, they have come to expect newer and more advanced games. Poker three has it all. It is fast, fun and extremely lucrative. The game actually consists of two different games. There is “pairplus” and “ante-and-play” poker. Players can choose which of these two games they wish to partake in. Just like any other poker game, there are certain strategies which a player should learn in order to become a more complete player.

Pairplus allows players to bet on the poker cards and every hand with a pair or better is paid out as a win. Ante-and-play works a little differently. Before receiving the cards a player places an ante bet. After the cards are dealt the player can either fold or double the ante bet by raising. For the dealer to qualify the dealer must hold a queen high or better.

If this does not happen then all the ante bets are paid out 1:1 and the play bet is returned. If the dealer does qualify then a player with winning hand is paid out for both the ante and the play bet. If the dealer wins, the players lose both the ante and the play bets. The rules for a drawn hand differ between casinos.