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Online Poker Three – Get The Casino Basics

As with any form of gambling, one of the most important things that players can do is familiarize themselves with the terms and definitions connected to a particular game. In fact, experts advise that players should get to know a game’s glossary even before they learn the rules, because most rules will already contain important words that are essential to the game.

Poker three – based on traditional poker – is an extremely simple game to learn, yet players will still improve their chances significantly if they get to know the more common terms and definitions connected to the game. We outline some of the more popular ones:

Ante: A preliminary bet (before the cards are dealt) in ‘Ante and Play’.

Ante and Play: One of two games that can be played in poker three. This game involves making a bet (ante), being dealt cards and deciding how to continue further in the game by either folding or raising.

Flush: A hand of five cards that share the same suit. The value of the cards is of no importance. This hand pays out 4:1 in Pair Plus.

Fold: If you are not satisfied with the cards that you were dealt, you surrender your hand and lose your ante bet.

Pair: A hand that contains one set of pairs (eg. two tens), irrespective of the suite. This hand pays out 1:1 in Pair Plus.

Pair Plus: One of two games that you can bet on in poker three. This is considered the simpler of the two and simply involves the player making a bet, being dealt a hand and being paid out for any winning combinations.

Raise: If you feel that your dealt hand is a good one, you can increase (raise) your original bet (ante) by doubling the original amount.

Straight: Five cards in a hand that follow each other consecutively, irrespective of the suit. This hand pays out 6:1 in Pair Plus and 1:1 in Ante and Play.

Straight Flush: Five cards in a hand that follow each other consecutively and are of the same suit. This hand is paid out 40:1 in Pair Plus and 5:1 in Ante and Play.

Three of a Kind: A hand that contains three cards of the same value, irrespective of the suite. This hand is paid out 30:1 in Pair Plus and 4:1 in Ante and Play.