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Online Tequila Poker – A Blend Of Poker And Blackjack

If you’re looking for a poker version that is both thrilling and rewarding, try tequila poker. This game – often described as the perfect blend between 5-card poker and blackjack – is fast paced, action packed and demands a battle of the wits as you are required to make on the spot decisions time and time again!

Played with a single 52 card deck against the house, players place their initial bets – or antes – and are dealt four cards face up. At this point, players need to decide whether they want to double their ante or not, as well as which game to choose between high tequila and tequila poker. Players may also choose to fold at this stage and lose their ante. While many players are hesitant to fold, sometimes this proves to be the best strategy in the long run. Another two cards are then dealt, with the best five cards (out of the six dealt in total) making up the player’s best hand.

If the player opts to play high tequila, the game is played along the lines of blackjack, with the same points value (although the ace is counted as 11 in high tequila). All the cards are added up, ignoring the lowest card. Players who get a total card count of less than 46 automatically lose. For anything over 46, the ante (initial bet) is paid even money and the main bet is paid out according to the total number of points obtained. Payouts are as follows: 46-48 – 1:1; 49 – 2:1; 50 – 3:1; 51 – 4:1; 52 – 7:1; 53 – 15:1; 54 – 200:1.

Opting to play the other game, tequila poker, means that the player’s cards are used to make up the best possible five-card hand of poker, with the remaining card being ignored. On a winning hand, the ante pays even money, and the main bet pays according to the value of the poker hand, as follows: Pair of aces – 1:1; two pair – 2:1; three of kind – 3:1; straight – 5:1; flush – 7:1; full house – 8:1; four of a kind – 15:1; straight flush – 50:1; royal flush – 200:1.