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Take Your Pachinko Fun Online

Pachinko, also known as Japanese pinball, is a hugely popular pastime in Japan. It is not uncommon to find rows and rows of players busily playing in land based casinos, trying their luck at these pinball like machines in the hope of hitting the jackpot. You too can join the fun of pachinko by playing the game online at a select number of internet casinos and sites.

Essentially, in true pinball-type form, silver balls are released onto the pachinko playing surface and bounced around by hitting strategically placed pegs. The object of the game is for the balls to fall into slots so that the player can be paid out extra balls.

To play pachinko online, you first need to decide how many balls you wish to purchase. The balls are lined up in the launching area and then shot into the playing area, either manually or automatically, depending on the type of software that you have chosen to play with.

Every time a ball falls into a pocket on the play surface, the player can win bonus balls or a free bonus spin on a slot machine to win bonus balls. If the ball falls through the bottom of the machine, it is lost and a new ball needs to be launched.

On the side of the pachinko machine, you can keep tabs of how many balls you have, as well as their value. Other information about your current gaming session will include the number of bonus spins you have. At any point in the game, you can decide to cash out and you will be paid according to how many balls you have managed to accumulate through the bonus games, etc. during your gaming session.

Some online casinos have added mini bonus games – usually dolphin themed – on their pachinko machines to allow even more excitement. Some of these games put you in line to win as many as 1500 bonus balls!

Online pachinko is undoubtedly an attractive alternative to many games out there. It combines elements of luck and old-fashioned pinball excitement to bring us one great game that should not be missed!