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Understanding Payouts In Stravaganza

Stravaganza is a unique game found at online casinos, usually those on the Playtech casino network. The game is extremely simple to understand and the object is simply to get a hand with cards whose total exceeds that of the dealer’s. Stravaganza card rankings are similar to blackjack and there are not many decisions to make in the game, besides how to bet.

Essentially, players can opt between four different moves in stravaganza once they have placed their ante (initial bet) and they have had their first two cards dealt face up. (At this stage, the dealer also has three cards dealt face down).

Players need to decide whether to take their money back (if they are dealt two cards totaling five or less); to take a rescue bet (if they are dealt cards totaling between six and nine, whereby they can forfeit half their bet and end their game); to sit (if their total is ten or more, they can opt to sit and play their first two cards and their original bet); or to play on (to place a second bet equal to the first and receive a third card to boost the hand total).

So how are payouts determined in stravaganza? Once the player makes a decision, the dealer reveals his hand. If your hand is higher than the dealer’s in total, you will get paid out 1:1.

However, if the dealer’s hand is worth more than yours, you lose all your bets. An exception to this rule, however, involves the presence of a red ace in the dealer’s hand – irrespective of the hand’s total value. If this is the case, the player will lose his or her first bet and the second bet will be a push.

Other payout options in stravaganza involve three of kind – if you are dealt three cards of the same value, you are paid out 3:1 on your first bet. Three face cards (irrespective of their rank) will earn you a payout of 1.5:1 on your first bet.

Some casinos also offer a progressive side bet on their games of stravaganza. A winning card combination on the progressive paytable will automatically qualify the player for a win if he or she took out the side bet.